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The aim of this website is to catalogue some of the ways in which code can fail to do what you expect or what you need. In will focus mainly on the C programming language in the first instance.

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2012-07-08 uname
2012-06-24 gethostname
2012-04-06 atol
2012-03-10 atoi
2011-12-19 strrchr
2011-12-18 strchr
2011-12-09 memchr
2011-12-08 Const-incorrect standard library functions
2011-10-23 strlen
2011-10-19 strncpy
2011-10-12 strcpy
2011-10-08 memset
2011-10-03 memcmp
2011-09-02 memmove
2011-09-01 memcpy